Short Focus: Reahanna Parker, Naked Eye Studio

Why do you make art?
“I make art because I love to make people wonder.  I want them to question why things look ‘beautiful’ and what it is that’s making them think that.  I want them to see a piece of art and feel an unexpected emotion, and then question what that emotion is and why they feel it.
I think people see so many images in their lives today that it’s hard to feel a connection to any of it.  There are thousands of magazines, billboards in every city, not to mention the hundreds of TV channels.  They see pictures online constantly changing from their friends’ newsfeed and ingest it all whether they know it or not.
So to have someone see something that really catches their eye and makes them take note changes their day.  It takes them out of the monotony and causes them to think/feel for a second.  Whether it’s a quick “oh wow that’s cool” or “huh I wonder why they did that?”, good art can wake them up for just a second and have them feel something special.  I’m excited to think something I created can have a part in that.”

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers



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