Short Focus: Richard Littlefield

Why do you make art?

“Nothing satisfies me more than making art. It is similar to sex or eating in that it is great while in the process and also similar in that I do it over and over and over again. On occasion if a few days or weeks pass by and I am a bit down it is often due to not creating art. I have made thousands of compositions utilizing a wide variety of media and genre. I make art because it entertains and satisfies me. The process engages all my parts. I like (sometimes love) looking at it and so does god, where ever she is. Making art is the work in life that engages me more than any other.”

-Richard Littlefield

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Charles Dews says:

    Fascinating, Richard, and lovely. Oh, and your dog looks just like you. Jejeuje. Felicidades!


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