Short Focus: Matthew Harding

Why do you make art?
“Now there is a question. I consider myself to be a creative person, with a head full of ideas and opinions; drawing is a way to ‘bring closure’ to those thoughts, to ‘scratch the itch’, if you will. I’m fortunate to be surrounded by vivid influences, and have access to a world of cultures and artistic styles – to sit back and let that all wash over me, without doing anything about it, would be a criminal waste. However, I’m under no assumption that I’m some kind of ‘art hero’ – at best, I’m a mimic, mixing up and regurgitating what I experience from day to day –  but I enjoy the process immensely, and improve with every piece. If I didn’t, I couldn’t call myself a true artist.”

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers



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