Close the Hatch, Band: “Sharing Something Personal but Relatable”

Musical Artist/Band name: Close the Hatch

Featured Work 1: The Nighttime Pugilist (“The brighter the star /The Darker the shadow”)

The sounds of this post-metal/sludge act, Close the Hatch, are rumbling, haunting, and raw.  As Denise Falzon writes with Exclaim, “Filled with dense, monolithic riffs and eerie, ambient noise, Death & Resistance contains a harsh yet delicate atmosphere that offers a fresh take on influences that range from Deftones, Mastodon and Meshuggah to Isis (the band) and Neurosis.”


Featured Work 2: Beyond the Wolves

5 Questions for the Artist:

  1. What is music to you?

My view of it is changing with age. Perhaps I’ve become jaded due to years of hearing the word “artist” used for everyone who makes music. Ultimately it should be about story telling in my opinion. Sharing something personal but relatable.

  1. What did you make in the past, and why?

I was in a more radio rock style band for 7 + years prior to starting CTH. I was a victim of my youth I’d say. My goal in my 20’s was to be a rock star. That has sense become the least of my interests. I just want to create music we as a band enjoy and perform it to the niche of people who enjoy and respect it in a likeminded fashion.

  1. What are you making now, and why?

Well for CTH I feel like we are expressing things a bit more aggressively and direct on “Death & Resistance;” the EP reflects the different things a musician on our level would go through from doubt and insecurity of damaging your home life while you’re out pursuing this seemingly selfish endeavor to how others view your efforts in your home town so on so forth. As for Why…. It is just where we are right now and for me personally as the guy responsible for lyrics. I just wanted to say things that I know I’ve thought of over the years and heard other musicians struggle with.

  1. What are your hopes for the future?

To see the band through at least one more EP and a few tours. I try to view things a bit more as they come with 5 years of the band behind us now. It has always been built on shaky ground and uncertainty. People coming and going for whatever reason, be it personal or not being right for the band’s well being. In recent years its become more important to me that we enjoy each others company and have fun performing and hanging out on the road. Don’t take me as a bummer I’m sure it might seem I am being one here but I’m just being honest. It’s been hard to know if we would make it past EP 2 so to be on # 5 with a 6th already on the calendar.

  1. Do you want to add anything?

Mainly thank you for your interest and time! & I’d be remiss  if I didn’t mention Empty Glass Records & Red Moth Records/LLC will do distributing our next release and we would be stoked if you checked them out and all the bands we are associated with.

Artist Supplied Background:

Close The Hatch are a post-metal/sludge act from Dayton, Ohio. Having been established since 2011 the band has released 4 EP’s and toured the East Coast & Mid West in support of those release. CTH have shared the stage with such acts as Weedeater, Dillinger Escape Plan, Red Fang, Thrice, O’Brother, Royal Thunder & more. February 9th, 2016 CTH will be releasing their 5th EP titled “Death & Resistance” with a subsequent tour to follow. CTH is also on Facebook.

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers

Julia A. Travers

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