LOUDM♀UTH: “Keep Kicking Ass, Ladies!”

Artist name: LOUDM♀UTH Magazine

Featured Work 1: LOUDM♀UTH Volume 1


lm2LOUDM♀UTH Magazine is a creative publication that shares and explores the work of diverse female artists that is also run by female artists. They produce vivid and thoughtful content with a focus on empowering and celebrating women artists, both in print and online.

5 Questions for the Artist:

1. What is art to you?

For us at LOUDM♀UTH, art is livelihood; art is unique expression; art is purely important. As we delve further into this world of artists & creators, we’re finding that art manifests itself through  many mediums – performance, visuals, technology, on the page, on the body, etc.

2. What did you make in the past, and why?

We are just starting out, so our past project would be Issue #1, which focuses on an incredible group of women. We have an interview with Broadway performer Mara Davi, a piece on Dolls Eye Theatre, a UK based collective that focuses on gender perceptions, original work by authors Jenna DioGuardi & Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, & others. One section of the magazine that we’re particularly excited by is a tandem piece about Period Piece & RACKET. Period Piece is a new series by creator Liliana Tandon, which takes a comedic look at how women throughout history dealt with their periods. RACKET is a NY based initiative, led by actress Margo Seibert & author Caroline Angell, that collects & packages feminine hygiene products for various women’s shelters across NYC. Both organizations strive to remove the shame from menstruation, something that is directly responsible for all human life, & we’re so thrilled that they teamed up for Period Piece’s official launch party. Admission to the show was a package of pads/tampons/feminine wipes. So rad. That’s why we’re doing this. We want to not only showcase women & their incredible talents, but also build community & bring women together to help each other. Society has focused on female relationships in a negative & competitive light for too long. It’s time to change that.

3. What are you making now, and why?

Currently, we are focusing on building our network of babes, while putting together Issue #2. We have some really amazing women already involved & we’re on the hunt for more. It’s a little daunting just having a two person crew, so we’re also figuring out how to add more ladies to the LOUDM♀UTH crew in a way that’s effective for everyone. On social media, [in March] we focused on the Kesha trial – against her accused abuser & producer Dr. Luke. While our hearts ache for Kesha, we also know that it’s bringing to light bigger issues within the music business regarding the treatment of women, & we’re more than willing to join & facilitate that conversation. We’ve also been using it as a platform to give shout-outs to ladies with rad accounts.

4. What are your hopes for the future?

We hope to continue working with/showing off/bringing together incredible women. We’re so thrilled with everything we’ve learned so far & we know we have a long way to go. Everyone we’ve met & talked with has been so inspiring. We feel very honored to be trusted with their stories & their work.

5. What else would you like to say?

Help us, help you! Spread the word, follow us on social media, and keep kicking ass, ladies! You’re all inspirations.

Artist Supplied Background:

LOUDM♀UTH is a publication for lady artists, by lady artists. We strive to create a platform for women to divulge their passions, take pride in their talents, and have a place to feel empowered, informed, united, and of course, entertained!

You can follow them on Facebook, and on Instagram & Twitter: @loudmouthmag.

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers


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