La rouille: “It Gives Me Balance”

Artist name: La rouille

Featured Work 1: Outdoor work in Prima valley , Rome


The figures in La rouille’s works seem to be both ethereal and embedded, natural  inhabitants of their often dilapidated urban surfaces. While creating beautiful and haunting images, La rouille exposes decay, highlights erosion, covers,  reveals, and releases. Watch a video of this artist in progress below by @_jeer.

Featured Works Slideshow:

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5 Questions for the Artist: (translated from French)

1. What is art to you?

Art for me is a vector of emotions; whether positive or negative, as long as they affect us or challenge us. For me, it allows me to externalize my neuroses and other ailments that people appropriate or not.

2. What did you make in the past, and why?

I had many small food jobs, and I was clown and dancer in different companies for the same reasons explained above .

3. What are you making now, and why?

I finished two works that I began , followed by a climbing session with friends and now I answer your questions. In general, I paint more intensively because it gives me balance.

4. What are your hopes for the future?

Nothing specific , I just hope to continue to spend quality time with my family and appreciate the true value of things around me.

5. What else would you like to say?

Nothing, I ‘m not a talker , I prefer to express myself differently.

Artist Background, translated from their site:

“La Rouille/ Rust, born in 1981 in Chambéry, lives and works near Rennes. Self-taught, rust discovered the painting during late urban explorations. Attracted by the special atmosphere created by urban spaces abandoned by man, their approach is focused on damage linked to  history and time, both material and memorial. Their silhouettes bring to life for a brief moment, forgotten places. Often resonate with their own ghosts and haunts those places. In order to recreate the alteration of time and own melancholy to these places and to their world, they strives to use materials recovered in the explored places and naturally recreate the phenomena of wear.”

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers

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