It’s Been a Great First Year!

Ask Artists is coming up on its first birthday. We’ve had a great year, with an astonishingly wide and gifted group of participating artists in many genres. We’ve had 105 interview posts and tens of thousands of visitors. We have more than 600 lovely followers on Instagram and growing! Thank you to everyone who has participated in and supported the site. Our top posts of 2016 and post categories are below. We already have some great interviews lined up for 2017!

Top 3 (most visited) Posts of 2016:

  1. Mo Ganji: “We’re Growing Up Searching for Our Natural Gift, and it’s on Our Back the Entire Time. All We Need to Do is to Stop and Reach.”


2. William Pura: “The Residue from that Process of Heightened Awareness”


3. Paulo Ito: “Fortunately, There Still Are Many White Walls”



Our interviews with Callie Garp of Fabulously Feminist and Moriviví were also very popular.

Community, Public, and Social Art
Fashion and Body Art
Painting, Drawing, and Illustration
Performance, Music, and Sound
Photography, Video, and Multimedia
Sculpture & 3D
Text and Writing

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers

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