Short Focus: Don Stephens

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Why do you make art?

This is a funny and interesting question for an artist like myself. Meaning I NEVER REALLY THOUGHT ABOUT IT.  Really! I found this profound interest early on and since those times Art, for me, is liken to normal bodily functions. I know TMI but I create from that place where you don’t realize or perceive notions of the word art at all;for example when eating we don’t think of how many times one must chew nor the amount of saliva needed to soften materials on the way down. So to answer in all honesty for me it is part of the human condition I must create to express to dance between the lines of the Subjective and Objective suggestions of translating the expressive time I am in- raw from the guts of the everyday and not so everyday. Yes, Artists should be free to do what he or she does but I have chosen always to seek the opportunity to never be afraid to do what I might do.

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5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers

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  1. Jen Loux says:

    Having seen your art over the yrs..your answers sound natural. I myself only “do art” when I am inspired. Its spontaneous and free.


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