Casey Pearl: “Just Where I’m Supposed to Be”

Artist name: Casey Pearl

Featured Work 1: Casey Pearl video featuring musical performance and Tokit campaign

Whether you want to dance, daydream or take a unique, emotionally rich journey through sound, Casey Pearl has got you covered. It’s hard to sit still when the instrumentals start to groove, and her honest, soulful, wavering voice speaks right to the heartbeat of the  listener.

Pearl’s sound is comforting, earthy and rhythmic, yet fresh. Her natural musicality and love for her art is obvious. Her tunes are genre-mixing yet not imitative; it’s full, unabashed new music — so very pleasing to discover. Personally, I can’t wait to hear more.

One of the best ways to get to know Casey Pearl is to visit her online and for the next three weeks (as of January 23, 2018), you can also buy her PEARL tokens – her very own cryptocurrency – through her blockchain-based campaign with SingularDTV.

Featured Work 2: “Everybody Sing”

5 Questions for the Artist:

1. What is art to you?

Immersion in absolute contentment and joy in the moments of creation and performance. To make something for no other reason than I feel it coming from me and I enjoy turning the fragments of sounds, ideas and feelings into something complete that can be shared and experienced again and again. For me it is truly living in the moment, when I am singing my songs in live performance or recording I feel just right, just where I’m supposed to be.

2. What did you make in the past and why?

When I first started writing songs, I was very surprised that I was able to write them and by how strong and complete the melodies and ideas were. However, I was not at all confident in what I was doing and kept it to myself. Once I started learning to play the guitar, particularly the bass, different songs began to start from what I played and inspiration would also come from there. A great friend gave me a dictaphone and then my songwriting became more prolific, as I would take it out and hum ideas or chat lines anytime, I would beatbox rhythms and sing like different instruments to build up the songs in layers.

3. What are you making now and why?

I am creating more songs for my debut album and developing and experimenting with the songs I have already written. I now use different software and am learning more instruments so I can record fuller first versions of what I hear in my head before I work with musicians. I am reflecting on the body of work I have; I am seeing the path I want the next songs to take, and how they will connect with those before. I am excited by the possibilities of what melody will appear next and where it will lead me.

4. What are your hopes for the future?

I would love to be able to explore, create, perfect, record and perform my music full time. To be able to collaborate and experiment with a variety of musicians and artists of different mediums, like dance, film and photography would be great, and to enhance and broaden my creative palette, and produce beautiful experiences for my audiences.

5. What else would you like to say?

It is a challenge for artists to make a career of their art, to make it financially possible while retaining creative control. I want this to change so I have been looking for alternative routes. I think that blockchain technology offers new options for artists to connect with fans, and supporters, to fund, present and share their work independently, and to control their rights and revenues. So I am joining artists like Gramatik to be one of the first to tokenise my intellectual property to help build an alternative music industry.

Artist Supplied Background:

Casey Pearl is an independent artist from London and the world’s first female crypto-artist. She has created the PEARL token, her own crypto-currency, through Tokit. Embedded in the PEARL token are the complete intellectual property rights, revenues and royalties of Casey Pearl. “By launching my PEARL tokens I can reach new audiences, share and develop my music and bring my supporters with me.” Casey Pearl expresses her broad influences and eclectic style with her current single releases, “Hold Tight” and “Everybody Sing.” Her songwriting and musical arrangement explores many moods, meanings and styles, from Arabesque Reggae flavors to sweet soulfulness. “There are essences of many genres, for sure you’ll hear blues, folk, reggae, electro beats, drama and comedy….but there is no need to worry, these musical threads entwine naturally through my voice, my melodic flow and my storytelling.”

Visit Casey Pearl’s social media hub for more!


5 Questions for the Artist, © Julia Travers

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